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YouTube subscriptions via RSS

The subscription feature on Youtube allows you to keep up to date with content that people upload to the site.

Since I use an RSS reader for every other blog or site that I follow, why not do the same for YouTube subscriptions?


This method no longer works. The YouTube v2 API (which is what this method was using) was retired on April 20th, 2015.

To work around this, each channel must be subscribed to separately. See the RSS reader section on this support page.

The feed for anyone's subscribed videos is at the URL:


Where <userID> is either your YouTube account name or the long string of letters and numbers that can be found on the YouTube advanced settings page.

Try it out, it makes watching episodic content a breeze!


You'll have to have "Keep all my subscriptions private" unchecked on the YouTube privacy settings page for this to work.

This will allow anyone to access the RSS feed of your subscriptions at the url above.

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