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Vim: Search and replace in multiple files

As is the way with Vim, there are a ton of features, but stumbling on the combination of commands that does what you want can be a bit difficult sometimes. In this case, the objective is to perform a search and replace over some files.

This is done in two steps: loading up the files to process, then issuing a command to run on each of the files.

Load up the files to search using the args command. This command supports multiple arguments and can use bash-style path completion.

:args src/*.cpp src/*.hpp README.txt

Perform a replace using sed-style syntax using the argdo command. This command iterates over all the files loaded by the args command and performs a command on them. In this case, it's performing the replace operation.

:argdo %s/FindMe/ReplaceWithMe/gec | update

The flags used in this case are:

  • g: global search (find more than a single occurance per line)
  • e: suppress "string not found" error messages
  • c: confirm each replace

Running update after the replace operation saves any changes to the file before moving to the next one.

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