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Installing Fehlstart - A simple, quick application launcher

Fehlstart is an application launcher, much like Launchy, Quicksilver, or GNOME Do. However, where other launchers focus on adding features, Fehlstart is as basic as they come. If you want to search for files or control your media player, look elsewhere. Felhstart launches applications. Period.

Fehlstart isn't in any major repositories so it has to be compiled from source.

  1. Install dependencies
    • git, gcc, make, libgtk2.0-dev, libkeybinder-dev
    • On most systems these packages will be available through your package manager
  2. Get the code
    • git clone
  3. Compile and install
    • Navigate into the folder containing the code
    • Run make
    • Run make install (with the needed permissions)
  4. Add fehlstart to your window manager's autostart list
  5. Log out and back in to launch Fehlstart.
  6. Press the key combination <Super> + <Space> to bring up the launcher
  7. Type to search through the installed applications, then press <Enter> to launch.

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